Backup and restoring

All data created, shared and viewed, constitutes our societies’ main capital. Therefore, this patrimony needs to be protected.

Synerway backup Appliance allows a unified protection of all your data.

Data savings are essentially made on Synerway Appliance’s disk. This Appliance is right next to the protected data, which allows a quick restoring if needed.

Data is saved on the Synerway Appliance disk’s. The Appliance reside within the local infrastructure protecting data for a quick restore when required

Through the backup profiles, you have the ability to define the retention times, the backup frequency (also in real time), as well as the backup windows.

You can also select various storage options in the appliance and our software management, disk only, disk then to tape, direct to tape, NAS if tape is not an option, to a second Appliance, or the Cloud…

You and the IT team are determining the policy of and destination of your data. Synerway have an Appliance range from 1 to 144TB, as well as extensive range of backup agents, in order to reduce costs and make IT easier for you.

data protection restauration protection des données

Optimal solutions

Synerway main strategy is to make restoration much easier and quicker either for a file deleted by accident, Exchange e-mail, a Windows or Linux device and also for an entire site. Pioneer of the backup Appliance since 2002, we insure you a real security, with our closed OS, it is simple to use and manufactured around Enterprise class server and storage for rock solid reliability

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Synerway backup solutions are :


Puissant  Powerful                           Rapide  Fast

  Simple  Simple                                Sure  Protected

Economique Economical                      Utilisation  Reliable