cyberattacks 5 Keys to Defend your Company

Danger – Cyberattacks are on the rise. Many of you will recall 21st October 2016. On this day a large-scale attack was perpetrated and the internet was paralysed or slowed down on several occasions. Many sites were inaccessible including Amazon, AirBnB, Netflix, Twitter, Reddit and the New York Times. Other sites reported severe disruption particularly… Read more

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  SITech’s main goal is to improve its cutomers’ productivity levering the newest technologies. SITech researches, advises and supplies the most robust and sustainable solutions based on their client’s needs. Fouad Benjoudar, Synerway’s Africa manager is pleased to have signed this new partnership given that both companies share the same values: innovation, performance and quality… Read more

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To prevent Ransomware Infections, keep these 5 points in mind: • Scan your system regularly with anti-malware • Bookmark trusted websites and access these websites via bookmarks • Download email attachments only from trusted sources • Apply software patches as soon as they become available • Backup your Files regularly Remember : Ransomware exploits vulnerability.... Read more

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  An increase in the number of incidents and therefore risks In the past few months, there has been a rise in the number of random incidents impacting IT production. Among these incidents : Meteorological events: floods, wind, storms occasionally related to wildfires, even the sun playing havoc with satellite communication systems, Power blackouts, IT outages… Read more

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  The goal of the ITSCM is to support the IT service continuity processes wherein it is essential that the IT installation and associated services are available in a defined time limit in the event of an incident. Today, practically all company employees are completely dependent on their IT departments whose role is to ensure… Read more