Cloud Provider

The Cloud stocks, distributes and hosts more and more data, applications and critical systems.


Backup in the Cloud raises various complex questions linked to both the large amount of data involved and the number of potential client machines to protect.


Synerway provides pertinent and efficient answers to these points.

Synerway technology for the Cloud

sauvegarde backup restauration recovery data

Your mail server is hosted by a Cloud provider and certainly will protected with multiple redundancy and copies stored in several locations. But what about backup? Genuine backup setups include several historical versions of your data. If you had to restore an e-mail from three months ago would your cloud provider be able to restore and if so how long would this take and how much would all this cost?


Synerway’s technological expertise and original approach provides excellent overall backup and externalisation solutions. With Synerway your data will never be stored in just one location; an essential precaution in the event of a major incident.

Multi-tenant constraints

Synerway solutions take into consideration “multi-tenant” constraints of distributed architectures: data backed up for several clients and partners are kept entirely separate. Only the backup IT resources are shared.

Innovative Cloud Solutions

Synerway has a range of solutions which correspond to your infrastructures. Some advantages:

  • Targeted backups,
  • Local and off-site protections,
  • Simple and efficient restorations,
  • Centralised administration,
  • Independent architecture from your production.