Disaster Recovery

No matter the size of your company, protecting your data and ensuring the sustainability of your activity are essential questions.


Data backup has changed over the last few years. In the past, mainly specific objects – files, emails, databases- were backed up individually. Today entire systems and hypervisors are involved in the backup process. DRP – Disaster Recovery Plans – are concern global IT recovery.


Since 2003, Synerway has provided cutting-edge solutions for disaster recovery. Synerway’s appliances are made to help you to restart your production as fast as possible either for a file, a system or a whole site.

DR disaster recovery success

One-Click UBMR

Synerway’s UMBR solution is the cornerstone of your DRP and allows the restoration of at least one server in a few clicks, even for a cross restoration to a different server or from a physical machine a virtual one.


This approach works for thousands of sites protected by Synerway across the world. It is also usable for small, very small and medium-sized enterprises: the One-Click DR Box protects your critical Windows servers and allows you to restore them by yourself in next to no time!


You need to be completely prepared for the case of a major disaster. Synerway allows you to externalize selected images of your protected systems.


You have the choice between physical and logical media:

  • Synerway’s Cloud;
  • CIFS sharing;
  • To another Synerway Appliance;
  • To LTO5, LTO6, LTO7 tapes;
  • To RDX removable disks;