Laptop Protection

Backup is so important for a company’s activity that it requires a full control of all internal resources. In the case of laptops, the possibility of data loss is higher.


A stolen or mislaid laptop occurs far more frequently than you may think and the cost to a business can exceed €70,000 because so much company activity is based on its data. It is essential to have an integrated backup solution, which allows the protection of targeted data even with low bandwidth.


Synerway meets current performance and security needs with its block mode laptop protection solutions.

Sauvegarde ordinateur portable nomade

FileSafe agent

Synerway’s FileSafe agent is designed to protect Linux and Windows’ laptops and critical file servers. This solution protects files, tree structures and even complete disks. Its simple settings allow individual file selection through inclusion and exclusion. After an initial synchronisation with the FileSafe agent only modified data is subsequently backed up.


Backups are performed directly to Synerway’s appliances and even on other storage platforms (network shares, local disks) enabling restoration even when no network is available.


You are free to create different storage spaces on different sites and propose different protection levels. Those storage spaces are frequently backed up and can be externalised if required to LTO tapes, RDX removable disks or to another off site Synerway Appliance.

Simple and efficient restoration

The FileSafe agent proposes a Windows Explorer type restoration interface, accessible by a simple right click. Users restore their data themselves without the need to call their IT department.

FileSafe solution advantages

  • Block mode protection adapted to every kinds of networks, even low debit WAN
  • Full protection of opened files
  • Transparency in the protections for users
  • Protection by selection, inclusion or exclusion of files, tree structure and disks.
  • Lots of storage spaces (local, network, appliance) for a higher flexibility and maximum protection
  • Centralised administration and management tools.