One-Click DR Box

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The One Click DR Box is a fully integrated, all-in-one type of solution to protect all your critical Windows servers. It allows you to rapidly and autonomously restart these servers in the event of an incident (server crash, server loss, corrupt data etc.).

The DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) ensures the recovery of critical data when disaster strikes. When a server breaks down or infected by a virus, stolen or destroyed, the company’s survival is potentially at risk. The restore speed of this kind of system is very important for the disaster recovery.

The One Click DR Box ensures data storage and availability. It protects all critical data from file servers to business applications, accounting data, Business Intelligence folders, Human Resources files, but also data sent through emails.


The One-Click DR Box is packaged with the One Click UBMR software module. In the case of an incident, it allows you to manage complete restorations in just a few clicks, even on different IT equipment from the original.

The One-Click DR Box protects your company’s data very easily. You don’t need to be an expert to save and restore your files by yourself! The One-Click DR Box is a complete, efficient and immediately operational solution.

* Universal Bare Metal Restore

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