Physical Appliances

Synerway’s physical appliance is an autonomous solution. Directly related to your IT infrastructure, it protects your data, applications and systems.

Our appliance range comprises four models:

  • One Click DR Box
  • SA (Small Appliance)
  • MA (Medium Appliance)
  • LA (Large Appliance)

The appliance has unlockable capacity between 1 TB to 144 TB.

Synerway’s appliances are powerful, multi-task and highly robust. They offer a high level of security, thanks to their Linux kernel which protects against external threats.

Appliance de sauvegarde Synerway

Concerning backup tasks, the backed up data is encrypted and compressed at source. The quality of the physical and logical components mean reliable backups and restoration in all circumstances.

An easy-to-use online user hub helps you with simple configuration management and a suite of reporting tools mean you keep on top of your solution.


Synerway’s appliance always executes a first-level backup to disk. Typically, when an incident occurs, the required data for a restoration is available on the appliance disks meaning recovery times are extremely rapid.

There are different solutions depending on company needs:

  • Backup to disk (D2D – Disk To Disk)
  • Backup to disk, then externalisation to the network (D2D2N – Disk To Disk To Network)
  • Backup to disk, then externalisation to an LTO media tape or to a removable DRX, depending on the model (D2D2D – Disk To Disk To Disk / D2D2T – Disk To Disk To Tape)

Synerway solutions perform data externalisations automatically from backups on disk, to LTO or DRX media or a network location.

Real time protection

The originality and the power of Synerway’s Enterprise-CDP solution come to the fore with its powerful disk mirroring technology. The data on your computer is backed up by our appliances in real time. This solution ensures continuous protection in block mode with very limited load impact on the protected server.

Synerway’s continuous data protection modules are exclusively for applications and critical data protection. The solution offers a block mode, which uses minimal disk space and improves RPO (Recovery Point Objective). The modules use snapshots for file servers and mail servers MS Exchange, Lotus Note or MS SQL Server databases. They work simply as mirroring systems: the blocks sent to the disk through the system are directly available as a copy on the appliance.