Protection of remote sites

How to realise a plan for central and multi-sites

It very often happens that the implementation of multi-site infrastructures’ backup solutions are unfinished and work randomly. Budge arbitrations are sometimes the reason of the use of partial and therefore inefficient solutions.


A unique expertise in multi-site environments protection

Synerway has proposed a line of all types of organisations for 15 years, no matter what kind of data need to be protected and despite of the network speeds. Our backups Appliances are as efficient for a unique site than for thousands of sites.

One of our customers has been using the solutions for more than six years. Indeed, the French group « Groupement Mousquetaire » trusts Synerway for the protection of its 3,500 Intermarché supermarkets in Europe. Every appliance is mastered in the fabric and dispatched ready to be used. In the case of a disaster that occurs to a cashing server, Synerway’s solution allows the autonomous restarts of a ne server from the appliance thank to the One Click UBMR function. Autonomy, simplicity and economy of scale are the major keys.

Some advantages of our appliances

  • Completely independent protection of production’s environments;
  • Local and remote protection a laptops;
  • Appliances made with centralised Administration consoles;
  • Unlimited agents to insure a low cost simplicity and flexibility for each project;
  • Master software customised to reduce massive deployments costs.