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Kick-Off : Synerway tested the Escape Game!

Two weeks ago, Synerway organised its annual kick off in central Paris. This year, the team-building event was an Escape Game. It enabled each employee to test their calm and team spirit under pressure.

The concept

The concept is simple. Six teams of four/five members were created. Each one had a single goal: escape from a locked room in less than 1 hour! The teams were separated in different rooms whose themes were either Japan or Paris in the 60’s. Throughout the allotted hour, 27 Synerway teams searched for clues on how to escape their respective rooms.

The results

We note with interest that the sales team was first to escape, just before the management and in doing so, they almost broke the record! The software developers showed their methodological logic and confidence escaping two seconds before the end of the game. As for the International, Marketing and Human Resources teams searching for a stolen inheritance in the Japanese room, they sadly remained trapped. Rest assured, they were set free before the night was over!

This team-building event was the opportunity for everybody to spend some quality time together. The evening was rounded off very nicely at a restaurant with the whole team.

If you would like to experience this adventure, Synerway recommends the Hint Hunt Game: