Virtual Appliances

Because companies more than ever need efficient protection systems for their virtual environments, Synerway has created a suite of virtual appliances (SVA – Synerway Virtual Appliance) for all your data backups and recovery.

Our virtual appliance is installed on virtual environments such as VMware and Hyper-V.

With the SVA, you can add as much storage as necessary. It includes unlimited licenses for Linux/Windows. The SVA is as simple to use as our physical appliance: you just need to connect to the web admin interface and tart protecting file, application and system data.

SVA advantages

SVA advantages are the same as with physical appliances: a very easy-to-use solution and an extremely robust and powerful backup and restore engine along with simple user spaces. The SVA is, without a doubt, an efficient solution: it offers a virtualised backup solution free from compatibility constraints and installation costs.

SVA for everyone

Our virtual appliance is adapted to every kind of organisation, and in particular multi-site environments.

It meets sites needs:

  • If there is no on-site technical expert
  • If the company needs to virtualise its data as much as possible
  • If data externalisations is done through the network
sauvegarde protection données serveurs virtuels