Virtual environment protection

After the decentralisation of IT resources, and the rise of the Cloud, virtualised infrastructures appear as the second factor of a real technological revolution. New services such as SAAS and IAAS will keep improving over the coming years. IT teams can start a virtual device in just a few clicks. They also can replicate machines, move the resources, or simply manage them from a single interface.


Local computer servers and local storage now belong to an old architecture. The most efficient way today is a virtualised distribution of file and application servers. Those servers, wherever they are and whatever their functions are, should have an invincible protection. Synerway fully understood this and provides solutions that can fit with technological evolutions.

virtualisation protection systèmes serveurs vmware

Synerway Backup Appliances


Synerway protection and DR solutions are at the host level for the Hyper-V and VMware platforms. Through our interfaces, you can easily select the virtual machines to be protected and also associate every VM to a global or individual policy. Backups respect data integrity enabling system restore for applications and/or files at any time.

With its Bare Metal protection solutions, Synerway, there is no difference between physical and virtual machines.

With our Enterprise-CDP features, you can enjoy RPO/RTO (Recovery Point Objective/Recovery Time Objective) close to zero. You can protect a virtual system at the OS level, whatever its format in real time.

Combine the richness of this virtual offer on a single platform. Our appliances allow the administration, the handling, the storage, as well as backup supervision all in a single interface. You can easily protect files on physical, virtual, and applications on a complete host locally or on a remote site.